Binchotan is the white charcoal that represents Japan which is made of ubame oak (quercus phillyraeoides). It characteristically emits metallic gloss and is so hard
that it is difficult to cut with a saw. It registers a long-lasting fire and as the sulfur is burned at the right time, it emits no other smell and delivers a high level of heat. In Japan, it is frequently used for grilling.

Vietnamese-Made Binchotan

The Vietnamese-made binchotan that BJ Trading supplies uses lychee wood and is manufactured in the same conditions that produce chamsut (white charcoal).
As lychee wood has a cross section that resembles that of oak and delivers 7400Kcal/1h, a calorie similar to that delivered by oak charcoal, it is perfect for grilling.

Lao-Made Binchotan

The Lao-made binchotan that BJ Trading supplies from Laos is made of maitiew (quercus phillyraeoides). The wood is burned for 15 to 20 days in a traditional
charcoal furnace which heats up to 1,200 ℃, thus delivering top-quality Lao-made binchotan. It is favored as one of the top-of-the-line charcoal products, which
delivers a minimum long-lasting calorie of 7700Kcal/1h.