Auxiliary Materials (such as gridiron)

One-Time Gridiron

Previously available gridirons were hard to clean and involved much labor cost and even created hygiene-related issues as they were reused and thus caused
environmental pollution from the use of cleaning detergent. Our one-time gridiron is of a disposable type and is not for reuse. This ensures a clean and hygienic
condition for serving grilled meat to customers. BJ Trading supplies variously sized gridirons at more reasonable prices than the costs involved in cleaning the old gridrions.

One-Time Round Gridiron (for Restaurants)

Size : 280mm (diameter) (1BOX = 200ea), 295mm (diameter) (1BOX = 200ea), 300mm (diameter) (1BOX = 200ea), 330mm (diameter) (1BOX = 200ea)

Foldable square Damyang gridiron (for restaurants)

Size : 32Cm X 33Cm (1BOX = 44ea)