White Charcoal

White Charcoal

Charcoal is distinguished into white and black charcoal by how it is burned. Most restaurants use white charcoal. White charcoal is produced from the
principal material of oak through a complex manufacturing process just as pottery is fired in the traditional charcoal furnace. With carbon monoxide and the
products of incomplete combustion removed at a temperature of 1,000 ℃ or higher, the charcoal delivers excellent fire strength and is solid. As it maintains
a specified temperature level and a specified amount of far infrared, it boasts the advantage of creating plenty of meat infusion and keeping meat texture tender.

Chinese-Made White Charcoal

It is highly reputable for its top quality experienced of all the charcoal products consumed in South Korea. Delivering excellent strength of fire and superb scent,
the product goes well with all types of meat. Cut in easy-to-use size that fits the charcoal dispenser and presenting fine visuals with clear-cut veins, the charcoal is the most favored by customers.

Korean-Made White Charcoal

Falling behind the Chinese competitor in quality and not available in standardized sizes, the product is not too much welcomed by users. Lately, however,
the quality gap with the Chinese-made charcoal is narrowing and the product attracts more and more users. By signing on producers in Gangwon Province for its production, BJ Trading puts in steady effort to classify and cut charcoal and upgrade its quality.